Mermaid Fish Scale Dog Bandana Pet Scarf



Dog Bandana Pet Scarf

Mermaid fish scale cotton print.

Perfect for mer-dogs.

Handmade to order in the UK. Please allow 3 to 5 days for delivery in the UK, and 2 weeks for the rest of the world.

Slide on collar bandana, the dog scarf has a pocket along the top which you can slide your pet's collar into.

Collar (and dog!) not included. Model wears a similar bandana for demonstration purposes only.

The pet bandana can be made in three sizes:

Small: 6 inches across the top, 5 inches long

Medium: 8 inches across the top, 7 inches long

Large: 11 inches across the top, 8 inches long

The perfect way to accessorise your four legged friend; this bandana can be worn to the front, side or back and stays securely attached to the collar.

Ideal for days out, your dog's Bark-Day, and photoshoots.