My name is Jeni, and I am the seamstress behind Lola Nova; everything sold here is made by me.

My little empire began the day I started auctioning off costumes I'd made for myself on a well known auction website. I was merely making some space in my closet and never expected to get such a good reception from my wares. Knowing that there was a demand for unique fancy dress costumes inspired me to create more and more. 

In the early days I cut my hours down in my office job and spent a few days a week making all kinds of things... tutus, rave outfits, miniature top hats to name but a few.

Eventually I took a course in Fashion & Design to brush up on my sewing skills, invested in some professional equipment and took the leap to leave my old 9 to 5 job and run Lola Nova full time.

A lot of my work is inspired by combing the femininity of 50's style dresses with modern pop culture. I love to take popular characters, and give their traditional costumes a twist. 

I've never looked back, and I love spending my days designing and sewing dresses. It's wonderful to know that people all over the world are walking around wearing my dresses.